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Web Traffic Generation

Web Traffic Generation

Bring new audiences to your website.

Unique shopping intent data and AI technology help you reach new prospects actively considering products and services like yours. With precise targeting and personalized ads, you can drive more qualified traffic to your site.

Why marketers love BrandingBeez

Massive opportunity pool

Get your brand in front of new, high quality audiences with a data set that includes a pool of over 2.5B people and a network and exclusive inventory.

Perfectly timed ads

Drive qualified traffic by delivering your message at the precise moment that someone is ready and willing to engage with you. Our AI technology evaluates 100+ cross-device signals as shoppers browse to pinpoint high intent opportunities.

Deep in-market insights

Better understand what people want with unique shopping intent data that only Criteo can provide. We track more than $900B worth of online transactions every year to build highly accurate in-market audiences.

Influence new audiences ready and willing to consider you.

Increase your reach

A large and unique dataset allows you to reach people beyond walled gardens, exposing your brand to more of the world’s online users across the open internet.

Benefit from fresh data

Data that is refreshed twice a day ensures that the audiences you build are actively evaluating brands like yours and ready to engage with you now.

Optimize your budget

A powerful engine predicts each user’s potential engagement and accurately bids the best price for your ad inventory, delivering the most optimal cost per visit for all your campaigns.

Measurable success

See the number of high-quality users your campaign is generating, and track costs based on the number of engaged visits to your site with transparent metrics. Get a single view of online and offline journeys from awareness through conversion.

More Products for Commerce Marketers.

BrandingBeez Customer Acquisition

Drive new customer conversions through powerful machine learning to identify new customers from existing ones based on their shopping patterns, browsing journeys and individual interests.

BrandingBeez Audience Match

Accurately target and re-engage more of your customer base with dynamic paid display ads across web, mobile browsers, and apps.

BrandingBeez Mobile App Advertising

Get app installs, boost engagement, and drive conversions with the all-in-one platform for app growth.