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Drive Sales

Increase sales on the world’s top retail sites.

Boost product awareness and sales with native product ads and innovative commerce display ads.

Boost product visibility with sponsored product ads

Deliver native product ads to high intent shoppers on the sites and apps of the world’s largest retailers. Increase your presence on the digital shelf and drive more sales with campaigns you can manage in real-time. Tie results back to sales at the SKU level both online and offline, and track performance across retailers.

Promote products with commerce display ads

Showcase your products while delivering your marketing promotional content and messages. Take advantage of premium retailer inventory and shopper data like purchase history and even local weather to deliver display ads that perfectly blend brand and product content.

Reach retailer audiences with offsite ads

Drive product awareness and influence the decision-making process as shoppers browse the open web. Target retailer audiences on premium websites and bring them back to the retailer with personalized display and video campaigns.